New Gary Moore live album in September!

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Eagle Records will release a new Gary Moore live album this autumn, under the title "Live At Bush Hall 2007". Right before the UK tour the band played a special album launch gig of the Close As You Get record - which was an 'invited-only' concert at the Bush Hall in London on the 17th of May in 2007. The concert was broadcasted by the Planet Rock radio, so you might have the recording of it (the radio broadcast was roughly one hour), but it will be great to have an official CD version of this special concert with a pro sound and with a longer tracklist, including two songs what Gary never played again on the tour after this concert. As Eagle Records confirmed, the scheduled release date is 22nd September.

The Book - Message from the author

Hello to all Gary Moore fans!

As most of you will know by now, I am writing the official biography and Zoli asked me to give you all an update. I have already written biographies of Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce, Alexis Korner, Graham Bond plus articles for Mojo, Classic Rock and their Blues magazine and other magazines.

After two years of research, I have finally started writing the book. Why has it taken so long to get to this point? Well, I work full time for a UK drugs charity called DrugScope and I have interviewed over 100 people for this book, the most for any of my books apart from Jimi Hendrix. But in that case, I had somebody working with me, who conducted a number of the interviews on my behalf. This time, I am on my own. And of course, I work during the day, musicians work at night and are touring, so you can see how time can fly past trying to set things up. But I have to say that everybody has been very cooperative and happy to share their memories of Gary.

Writing a book like this is like doing a large jigsaw puzzle. First you have to do the outside, to frame the puzzle so you can see the shape of what you are doing before you can start with all the detail. So the research is the frame and the writing is the detail. I can’t say yet when the book will be published because that has yet to be worked out – but when I know, I’ll be sure to tell Zoli. In the meantime, it’s head down and keep writing.

Harry Shapiro, 26th June 2014

New, refreshed website coming soon

New, refreshed website coming soon!

This summer our website will get a refreshed look and some updated features. It takes some time to go through all the already existing pages and creating the new ones, but hopefully in July or August it will be finally available. Of course, in the meantime I will updating this site as well, just like our Facebook page, so visit them frequently for news and interesting postings, or subscribe to our newsletter to receive all the important information related the new website, the forthcoming releases, and anything else related to our deeply missed hero, Gary Moore.

Thank you for all your help and patience! Enjoy the summer!

Take care,

Vinyl reissue of "Ballads & Blues 1982-1994"

This summer will bring a new vinyl re-release to the Gary Moore fans and collectors. "Ballads & Blues 1982-1994" was the first proper Gary Moore compilation, which was originally released almost 20 years ago, in November 1994. Those LPs are quite rare (and expensive) nowadays, so this fresh, quality 180g vinyl is highly welcomed. Universal Music will release it in the 'Back To Black' range, so it will include a voucher for the free mp3 album as well. The album will be out in the original shape, without the two songs ("Crying In The Shadows" and "Falling In Love With You") what was included on the CD and cassette versions, and only the South Korea LP was included all the 14 tracks.
The new vinyl version of "Ballads & Blues 1982-1994" will be released on 14th July 2014. In the meantime check out the 'related links' at the bottom of this page to see all the previous versions of this evergreen compilation.

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Gary Moore Memorial Concert 2014 - Setlists, videos

Gary Moore Memorial Evening 2014 - A38 Ship, Budapest, Hungary - 3rd April 2014


Run For Power
Cliff Moore Band
Henrik Freischlader Band

+ guests: Remig Somogyi, Harrisen Larner-Main, András Petruska

Gary Moore - Parisienne Walkways - Jet To The Best (2014)

One more Japanese compilation with the songs from the Jet Records years, but this time you can also find a rare single B-side song in the tracklist. "Trust Your Lovin'" was originally released on "You" - on the second G-Force single  - in July 1980, and this is the first time that it is released on CD. The other songs are from the Jet albums "G-Force", "Dirty Fingers" and "Live At The Marquee".

Keyed Up - Don Airey's new album with Gary

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The new year will start with a great record what will be very special for all of us. Don Airey's forthcoming studio album will including the songs what Don and Gary recorded together sometime in 2010. "Keyed Up", the new studio album from renowned keyboard maestro Don Airey will be released through Music Theories Recordings, a division of Mascot Label Group on 17th February 2014. This is Don’s fourth studio set, and his third to be released through the label. The album features many of Don’s friends and peers and, sadly, represents one of the very last times that Gary Moore recorded a guitar part. He - a long time associate of Don - features on "Adagio" and also on "Mini Suite", which is dedicated to his memory. The tracklisting of the album draws from throughout Don’s career and also takes in some of his influences, with twists upon familiar themes. Don has performed with a host of the most important bands in the rock canon, from Cozy Powell to Colosseum II to to Sabbath to Rainbow to Ozzy Osbourne and of course, ultimately to Deep Purple, via sessions for innumerable peers and this experience and panache illuminates "Keyed Up". This is an album that wears its virtuosity easily and never loses sight of its sense of fun, "Claire D’Loon" anyone? "Difficult To Cure 2013" is a version of The Rainbow favourite re-arranged to include Beethoven’s double fugue, whilst "The Godbox" referenced in the seventh track was Fats Wallers’ nickname for the Hammond organ.

Auction to support our memorial event


This year we have got a nice offering from the Style Record Group to support our next year event, the Gary Moore Memorial Evening 2014. They have for sale two original record awards, what could be a perfect gift to fans and beautiful additions to any Gary Moore collection. Style Record Group will support us generously from the sales of these nice items. Feel free to write us related to this auction, or if you would need more info about these items.

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Gary Moore gold BPI record award (1990)
Standard BPI size: 41 x 52 cm - Condition: very good

Presented to Bill Smith (the designer of the artwork) to recognise sales in the United Kingdom of more than 100,000 copies of the Virgin Records album, "Still Got The Blues".

Winner bid: 275 GBP from Gary Trenholm, Abington, Massachusetts, USA - CONGRATULATIONS!

Number of received bids: 2

You can place your bid (or Best Offer) via our contact form: - click here -

Free postage to the UK - Europe 35 GBP - Rest of the world 60 GBP. (Insured, tracked, signed-for GlobalPriority service)

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Gary Moore silver BPI record award (1987)
Standard BPI size: 41 x 52 cm - Condition: very good

Presented to Bill Smith (the designer of the artwork) to recognise sales in the United Kingdom of more than 60,000 copies of the 10 Records album, "Wild Frontier".

Winner bid: 275 GBP from Gary Trenholm, Abington, Massachusetts, USA - CONGRATULATIONS!

Number of received bids: 2

You can place your bid (or Best Offer) via our contact form: - click here -

Free postage to the UK - Europe 35 GBP - Rest of the world 60 GBP. (Insured, tracked, signed-for GlobalPriority service)

History of a VOX AC30

Click here for larger imageThis Vox AC30 amplifier, manufactured in the early 70's, was used by Gary Moore when he was in Colosseum II. This is most likely the Vox AC30 that Phil Harris talks about in his video with Guitar Interactive about the Peter Green/Gary Moore Les Paul. According to Gary himself, the amp had gone missing in 1977 while touring. Later that year it finds its way to Robin Millar, a man who later is to become of the most successful record producers ever, selling more than 150 million albums. In the mid and late 70's he worked a lot at Morgan studios in Brussels, Belgium, a sister company to the more known Morgan studios in London. Morgan studios also owned the company that Gary was signed to during the late 70's, according to Chris Tsangarides – the producer of Back on the streets. In 1984 Robin Millar bought Studios 1 and 2 of Morgan studios in North West London, renaming it Power Plant Studios.

Gary Moore Memorial Evening 2013 - The Videos

Finally I can share with you the TV recording of our Memorial Evening from this April. It was recorded on the A38 Ship, by the venue, the same place where we will make our next year event. Although these videos can't give back the great atmosphere of the concert, and we also had some annoying technical difficulties, I'm happy that this year we have a recording of the concert, what we can share with you here. Thank you once more for the house band, Run For Power, and our guests Cliff Moore, Henrik Freischlader, Harrisen Larner-Main & Darren Main! ...and of course to everybody in the audience.

The tracklist of the first part: The tracklist of the second part:
1. Over The Hills And Far Away
2. Thunder Rising
3. Reach For The Sky
4. After The War
5. Empty Rooms
6. Run For Cover
7. Johnny Boy *

1. Parisienne Walkways

2. Oh Pretty Woman

3. Murder In The Skies *
4. Millitary Man *
5. Out In The Fields
6. Wild Frontier
7. Walking By Myself *

* featuring Cliff Moore
♦ featuring Henrik Freischlader
• featuring Harrisen Larner-Main

Click here for photos and the complete setlist of the Memorial Evening:

As this program was produced for a local TV channel, the Hungarian interview parts are without subtitles, and only the English and German interviews got Hungarian subtitles. Thank you for your understanding!


Out In The Fields - Limited edition picture disc

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Universal Music will be release a 7" picture disc to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Virgin Records, what was Gary's record label for 15 years, from the Corridors Of Power album in '82 to the great Dark Days In Paradise record in '97. This classic Gary Moore & Phil Lynott single from 1985 will be released on the 28th of October as a limited edition 7" vinyl single. Just like on the original releases you will find Military Man on the B-side. You can order this nice (and unexpected) item at the official Universal store, and also will find more information about all the original releases at the discography pages of our website. Click here to check out the page about the different Out In The Fields singles.

Classic Album Selection - A new box set

Click here for larger imageAnother new Gary Moore box set is on way, but this time the record company won't mixing his rock and blues albums, like they did with the one released last year (5 Album Set), when they've put together Run For Cover and After The War from the rock years, with the three blues classics, Still Got The Blues, After Hours and the great Blues For Greeny. On 25th of November Universal will release this low-budget box set, including all the five classic Gary Moore hard rock albums from the '80s, in the same expanded versions as they have been re-released them 10 years ago.

A not too 'special edition' 3DVD set

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A new 3DVD set will be released in October by Eagle Vision, including three of the previously released concert films. Gary's first and last (1990/2010) Montreux Jazz Festival concerts, filmed 20 years apart, have been completed here with the great Blues For Jimi film, what was recorded in 2007. Although none of the DVDs will including new bonus features, this forthcoming release still can be a nice addition to your music collection - especially if you are just about getting to know Gary Moore's music, and now you would like to discovering some of his live performances. Live At Montreux 1990 is just the perfect start for that. After changing his musical direction to play the blues, he got the chance immediately to play at this very important festival. The rest is history now. Songs like "The Stumble", "Still Got The Blues" and "The Messiah Will Come Again" are proved that it was the right decision. At the end of the day he played six times on the legendary stage of Montreux, last time during the summer of 2010, when he returned with his rock classics and three new songs. As the original extra featues, you can also watch 7 songs from the 1997 concert, when he was on tour with the "Dark Days In Paradise" songs, mixed with his biggest blues and rock hits. Although this low-priced 3DVD set is not made for the fans, but definitely will make some new ones, and help to spread the word about Gary Moore's legacy and unforgettable talent.

Back On The Streets expanded CD edition

Click here for larger imageA new expanded CD version of Back On The Streets will be released by Universal Music on 23rd of September. Although we have been expected something like that the double Thin Lizzy deluxe editions, with rare versions and unreleased tracks, we still can be happy with this remastered version, because it wasn't re-released in Europe/USA since the late '80s/early '90s. It was available from time to time only on the Japanese market on a much higher price than this forthcoming edition. This album was originally released in December 1978, and this time it is supplemented with the B-side of the single "Back On The Streets", a song called "Track Nine", and three versions of "Spanish Guitar". Of course there were other tracks as well, what we've hoped for that we will be able to hear in a proper remastered version, like the alternate US versions of "Don't Believe A Word" and "Parisienne Walkways", or the unreleased songs like "Road Of Pain" and "Track Ten". Not to mention the original versions of the jazzy songs and "Parisienne Walkways" recorded in the first round, during the spring of 1978. Maybe next time...

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