You will find here Gary's old and new instruments, all his favourites or guitars what he used only for videos or promo photos. Check out the selection of guitar companies below the photo...

Latest update: 11th October 2014 - Gibson guitars

Photo by midnightblooze

Burns   Chiquita
Dean ESP Fender
Fernandes Fritz Brothers Gibson
Hamer   Ibanez
Jackson Jerry Jones Line 6
    Paul Reed Smith



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Gibson Guitars On German tour

Gibson Guitars
On German tour 2008 he mainly used his Les Paul signature with"Gary Moore" on the trusrod and two Gibson Les Paul Goldtops of the custom shop. For one song he used a BFG for slide guitar.

In the Raleigh Pub in 2010 on the recorded vids he used a Gibson custom shop 58 Les Paul with a plain top.

On his last tour he mainly used (you can see all the guitars on the 2010 Montreux DVD) three custom shop guitars:
a 58 or more probably a 59 Reissue in Lemonburst ( eg Thunder Rising)
a 58 Les Paul Reissue (probably the same as in Raleigh Pun) (eg WIld One)
a Gibson Collectors Choice No 1 (Gary Moore/Melvin Frank) aged (Parisienne Walkways)
In Russia he is seen with a Special Version of a Flying V, too.