Gary Moore Memorial Evening 2013 - The Videos

  • Posted on: 29 October 2013
  • By: Csillag Zoltán

Finally I can share with you the TV recording of our Memorial Evening from this April. It was recorded on the A38 Ship, by the venue, the same place where we will make our next year event. Although these videos can't give back the great atmosphere of the concert, and we also had some annoying technical difficulties, I'm happy that this year we have a recording of the concert, what we can share with you here. Thank you once more for the house band, Run For Power, and our guests Cliff Moore, Henrik Freischlader, Harrisen Larner-Main & Darren Main! ...and of course to everybody in the audience.

The tracklist of the first part: The tracklist of the second part:
1. Over The Hills And Far Away
2. Thunder Rising
3. Reach For The Sky
4. After The War
5. Empty Rooms
6. Run For Cover
7. Johnny Boy *

1. Parisienne Walkways
2. Oh Pretty Woman
3. Murder In The Skies *
4. Millitary Man *
5. Out In The Fields
6. Wild Frontier
7. Walking By Myself *

* featuring Cliff Moore
♦ featuring Henrik Freischlader
• featuring Harrisen Larner-Main


As this program was produced for a local TV channel, the Hungarian interview parts are without subtitles, and only the English and German interviews got Hungarian subtitles. Thank you for your understanding!