Gary Moore Memorial Tree

Click here for larger images We have planted our little memorial tree in the heart of Budapest in Hungary on 26th October in 2011. This is a Japanese cherry tree, which usually brings its beautiful pink flowers around Gary Moore's birthday, in the early days of April.
After that shocking Sunday in February 2011, weeks and months passed so quickly, that I've found myself under blossoming cherry trees in the blink of an eye. Just like in the previous years - related to my work -, we have spent some nice days together with our friends and teahouse guests in a little botanical park in the centre of Budapest. We were usually celebrating Hanami in that park, making teas, and enjoying the spring and the beautiful flowers of these Sakura trees. That spring wasn't the same. As these Hanami days usually are in the first weeks of April, I wasn't able to get out of my mind the feel that we have to plant a tree like this, dedicated to the memory of Gary Moore. As these trees are so beautiful, they are also sad in the same time. Our Japanese friends knows it better, but these short-lived flowers are also known as the synonyme of the beautiful but short life, what we have to enjoy and appreciate.
After a couple months of authorization process, in October 2011 we have finally planted this little tree at another location, what I've also found perfect. Although this square/park is located in the centre of Budapest - right next to one of our main railway station -, I've found it a pleasant place, where hopefully the tree will growing in peace. We have also placed a little guitar pick shaped engraved plate on 9th April 2012 (what I have to replace from time to time), but hopefully, sometime in the near future we will be able to place a proper monument next to the tree, what will reminds people why we have planted this tree, and that it brings its flowers to help us to remember to The Great Man in his flowery pattern shirts and to his invaluable musical legacy.

Don't hesitate to get in touch if you are around, it is always great to meet people with the same feelings about Gary's music. You can support our work with joining our worldwide LOTS Fan community.

Kind regards,
Zoltán Csillag

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Gary Moore Memorial Tree - Eiffel square, Budapest, Hungary - 1st April 2014

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Gary Moore Memorial Tree - Eiffel square, Budapest, Hungary - 8th September 2013

How to find it?

This is a nice little square between the modern Eiffel Square Office Building and the beautiful old railway station designed by Gustave Eiffel. The entrance is from the main street (Teréz körút), what you can reach by the trams no.4 & 6, and also you can use the metro line no.3 (blue line) to reach the stop for the railway station called, Nyugati Pályaudvar.
Click here to find more information about Budapest public transport services. Feel free to ask if you would need help related to your Budapest visit and finding our Gary Moore Memorial Tree.

The address is:
Eiffel Square
Teréz körút 55.
1062 - Budapest