One Night In Dublin - Reissues 2015

  • Posted on: 14 August 2015
  • By: Csillag Zoltán

 Click here for larger image Click here for larger imageThat was a fantastic weekend 10 years ago in August. Fans of Thin Lizzy came together from all over the world to celebrate the birthday of Phil Lynott, and to being present at the unveiling of his beautiful bronze statue in the centre of Dublin on the 19th August 2005. The next day was about music, as Gary Moore has invited his friends, and did put together a tribute concert for his friend. This August, on the 10th Anniversary of this memorable concert, we can celebrate these unforgettable musicians and their fantastic musical legacy with two new DVD reissues of "One Night In Dublin". One from Germany, and one from Japan. The content of these new releases are exactly the same, as the original DVD release from 2006.

German re-release:
Catalogue number: 5034504116573
Record company: Edel Germany
Release date: 14th August 2015

Japanese re-release:
Catalogue number: UIBY-15032
Record company: Universal
Release date: 29th July 2015

1. Walking By Myself
2. Jailbreak
3. Don't Believe A Word
4. Emerald (featuring Brian Robertson)
5. Still In Love With You (featuring Brian Robertson)
6. Black Rose (featuring Scott Gorham)
7. Cowboy Song (featuring Scott Gorham)
8. The Boys Are Back In Town (featuring Scott Gorham)
9. Whiskey In The Jar (featuring Eric Bell)
10. Old Town/Parisienne Walkways
Bonus feature: interviews, behind the scenes footage, etc.

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