Ozark guitars

♦ Ozark Resonator 3515BTE

This image is a stock photo, not Gary's own guitar. The small image was taken at the Bush Hall concert in 2007, when Gary used this Ozark guitar during the encore, playing "Sundown". As far as we know, this was the only time when he was playing this instrument on a concert.

"I used an Ozark resonator that I bought in a little store about two minutes from my house in Hove. The guy said to me, 'Try this little Ozark...they sound great'. I really liked it, so I bought it on the spot and took it home. This was just before Christmas and I ended up sitting home playing it around Christmas to people in the house. I love the way if you hit it a little harder it gets twice as loud. It's really dynamic - if you dig into it it just suddenly shouts at you and the sound gets really loud. The weight is there, but it's got a much skinnier body than most resonators, so you can hold it much closer to you and it's not cumbersome to use." (Gary Moore)

(Guitar Buyer magazine - November 2007)