Gary Moore Memorial Concert 2014 - Setlists, videos

  • Posted on: 23 April 2014
  • By: Csillag Zoltán

Gary Moore Memorial Evening 2014 - A38 Ship, Budapest, Hungary - 3rd April 2014


Run For Power
Cliff Moore Band
Henrik Freischlader Band

+ guests: Remig Somogyi, Harrisen Larner-Main, András Petruska

Click here for larger imageThis was the third time that we came together to remember our hero and his fantastic musical legacy. The original plan was to making a double show, with Henrik Freischlader's tour closer concert on the 3rd, and then the Memorial Evening on the following night on the 4th. Due to technical difficulties we weren't able to make the gig on Gary's birthday, but fortunately our dear friend and fanclub member Henrik Freischlader agreed to merge this two shows, and make a special night this way. The result was a fantastic event, front of a great audience in the almost packed A38 Ship.
The local tribute band, Run For Power started the evening with a strong one hour long set including some of the biggest rock and blues classics of Gary Moore. They've played his songs in the usual great quality, with the expected humility and respect. Although Gary's brother Cliff joining us every year, this was the first time that he was able to come over with his own band. Together with some other guests they've played a shorter set, but full of surprises. I just hoping that next year they can make it again and Cliff will be here with his boys, as it was a superb performance! After a short break, Henrik Freischlader played his complete "Night Train To Budapest" tour program at this final stop of their tour. Although Henrik's own set is also almost a tribute to Gary, as he was pick up the guitar because of him and was growing up to listening Gary's music, they've added extra encores and invited many guests to play a few more songs for Gary.
This year it was a different show again, not as we've planned at the first place, but at the end of the day eveything went well and we had a fantastic musical experience. Thank you for all the bands and musicians, everybody who helped us out to make it possible. Thank you to the great crowd, especially to the friends who came from other countries for this concert. It is great to see that more and more people come and join us every year!

...and thank you to Gary Moore who gave us this all, and did bring us together!

See you next April!
With love, Zoli


The program of this unforgettable (almost 5 hours long) concert was as follows:

Run For Power

Cliff Moore Band

Henrik Freischlader Band

1. Blood Of Emeralds
2. Over The Hills And Far Away
3. Thunder Rising
4. After The War
5. Empty Rooms
6. Out In The Fields
7. Parisienne Walkways
8. Oh Pretty Woman
9. Still Got The Blues
1. Killer
2. Picture Of Dorian Blue *
3. Need Your Love So Bad •
4. Only Fool In Town •
5. Johnny Boy •♦
6. Nuclear Attack ♦»

1. A Better Man
2. Too Cool For Me
3. Everything Is Gone
4. Disappointed Woman
5. Thinking About You
6. The Bridge
7. What´s My Name
8. Gimme All You Got
9. Cry Again
10. Point Of View
11. She Ain´t Got the Blues
12. Desert Love
13. House In The Woods (Encore 1)
14. Voodoo Child (Encore 2)
15. The Messiah Will Come Again (Encore 3)
16. Come Together (Encore 4)
17. The Blues Is Alright (Encore 5)

* Remig Somogyi
• Harrisen Larner-Main
♦ Zsolt Vámos
» Zoltán Kiss
► Cliff Moore, Zsolt Vámos, András Petruska, Harrisen Larner-Main
≈ Dániel Szebényi
Run For Power:
Zsolt Vámos - guitar
Zoltán Kiss - vocals
Dániel Szebényi - keyboards/backing vocals
József Mezőfi - bass
Gábor Szentmihályi - drums
Cliff Moore Band:

Cliff Moore - guitar/vocals
Richie Blake - bass/backing vocals
Danny Cox - drums
guest: Dániel Szebényi - keyboards/backing vocals

Henrik Freischlader Band:

Henrik Freischlader - guitar/vocals
Theofilos Fotiadis - bass/backing vocals
Björn Krüger - drums/backing vocals
Moritz Fuhrhop - keyboards


Run For Power - Still Got The Blues


Cliff Moore Band - Killer


Cliff Moore & Friends - Johnny Boy


Cliff Moore Band & Friends - Nuclear Attack


Henrik Freischlader Band - Disappointed Women


Henrik Freischlader Band & Friends - Come Together