Gary Moore

Bad For You Baby reissue on coloured vinyl

  • Posted on: 20 June 2017
  • By: Csillag Zoltán

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"Bad For You Baby" will be re-released on double vinyl on the 28th July 2017. Only 1500 copies will be available this time and it will be pressed on blue vinyls. The album was originally released in 2008, but the fans had to wait for the LP version until the summer of 2009. If you've missed the first pressing, it will be released again together with the acoustic bonus track, "Picture On The Wall".

Holland - Music On Vinyl - MOVLP003 - 28th July 2017 - limited edition: 1500 copies, blue vinyls

Side A:
1. Bad For You Baby
2. Down The Line
3. Umbrella Man

Side B:
1. Holding On
2. Walkin' Thru The Park
3. I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know

Side C:
1. Mojo Boogie
2. Someday Baby
3. Did You Ever Feel Lonely?

Side D:
1. Preacher Man Blues
2. Trouble Ain't Far Behind
3. Picture On The Wall

Moore vinyl reissues

  • Posted on: 10 June 2017
  • By: Csillag Zoltán

Three more vinyl reissues have been released by Universal Music during the spring of 2017.
"After The War" (first released in 1989), "Still Got The Blues" (first released in 1990) and "After Hours" (first released in 1992) came out in their original shape with the original tracklists. They are available on quality 180g vinyls from 17th March 2017.

After The War

Side A:
1. After The War
2. Speak For Yourself
3. Livin' On Dreams
4. Led Clones

Side B:
1. Running From The Storm
2. This Thing Called Love
3. Ready For Love
4. Blood Of Emeralds

Record company: Virgin Records/Universal Music
Catalogue number: 5707108 / 0602557071085
Release date: 17th March 2017

Still Got The Blues

Side A:
1. Moving On
2. Oh Pretty Woman
3. Walking By Myself
4. Still Got The Blues
5. Texas Strut

Side B:
1. Too Tired
2. King Of The Blues
3. As The Years Go Passing By
4. Midnight Blues

Don Airey's K2 will be re-released in June

  • Posted on: 25 April 2017
  • By: Csillag Zoltán

Click here for larger imageDeep Purple keyboardist Don Airey has launched a pre-order PledgeMusic campaign for a K2 – Tales of Triumph And Tragedy box set. He initially recorded the album in 1988 at Sarm East Studios, London, and was inspired by an article written by mountaineer Jim Curran about his harrowing experiences on the 1986 expedition to K2 that claimed the life of 12 climbers. The album features guest appearances by artists including Gary Moore, Cozy Powell, Colin Bluntstone and Chris Thompson. The K2 box set will be limited to just 100 copies, and each comes with a signed and numbered certificate. The package will also contain a CD with seven previously unreleased bonus tracks, a DVD featuring performances and interviews, a repro press pack, a promotional photograph and a map of K2. Airey says: “You are going to get something that will please everyone and hopefully you'll like the music too!”

Glenn Hughes' tribute to Gary

  • Posted on: 5 November 2016
  • By: Csillag Zoltán

Click here for larger imageThe new Glenn Hughes studio album, "Resonate" just has been released on 4th November 2016, and its deluxe edition including a bonus track, what was originally recorded for a release of a possible Gary Moore tribute album by Bob Daisley. It seems to be on pause, so maybe Glenn Hughes just decided to include his acoustic version of  "Nothing's The Same" on the deluxe edition of his new album. All the versions (CD, CD+DVD, Vinyl) are already available to buy, but you will find this lovely tribute only on this deluxe edition. "Nothing's The Same" is one of Gary's many beautiful compositions, but this one is mentioned so rarely, that is great to hear a cover version finally. Especially by someone like Glenn Hughes. This song was originally released on Gary's "After Hours" album in March 1992.

Vinyl reissues of classic albums

  • Posted on: 24 September 2016
  • By: Csillag Zoltán

Two of Gary Moore's classic rock albums will be re-released on vinyl this autumn in January February 2017!
"Run For Cover" (first released in 1985) and "Wild Frontier" (first released in 1987) will be out in their original shape and with the original tracklists. They will be available on quality 180g vinyls from the 24th February 2017.

Run For Cover

Side A:
1. Run For Cover
2. Reach For The Sky
3. Military Man
4. Empty Rooms

Side B:
1. Out In The Fields
2. Nothing To Lose
3. Once In A Lifetime
4. All Messed Up
5. Listen To Your Heartbeat

Record company: Virgin Records/Universal Music
Catalogue number: 5707112 / 0602557071122
Release date: 24th February 2017

Wild Frontier

Side A:
1. Over The Hills And Far Away
2. Wild Frontier
3. Take A Little Time
4. The Loner

Side B:
1. Friday On My Mind
2. Strangers In The Darkness
3. Thunder Rising
4. Johnny Boy