Skid Row

The first Skid Row album in digipak!

  • Posted on: 31 March 2007
  • By: Csillag Zoltán

 Click here for larger imageIf you've bought the nice digipak version of "34 Hours" which was released in 2001, you will like this new CD as well. Repertoire Records finally released the first Skid Row album in the same digipak format with a nice booklet - although without any bonus tracks this time. This remastered version of the first (but not the originally recorded!) Skid Row album is released on 12th of February.

1. Mad Dog Woman
2. Virgo's Daughter
3. Heading Home Again
4. An Awful Lot Of Woman
5. Unco-Up Showband Blues
6. For Those Who Do
7. After I'm Gone
8. The Man Who Never Was
9. Felicity 

Catalogue number: RES2339
Record company: Repertoire Records