Gary Moore Memorial Concert - 4th April, 2012

Dear Friends,

I would like to ask your help!

As you may all know it, Gary Moore's 60th birthday is very close, and we have to celebrate it somehow! We would like to start a tradition for the coming years with making a Memorial Concert on the 4th April to remember Gary together on his birthday, and what else could be better than remembering with a concert. Each year we could choose another country to organize this event, but this first one would be here in Budapest, as for us it was easier to start the whole thing to organize. A good venue with proper big stage, lights, etc already stood behind us, and we have started to put together the program as well, but we really need your support, too. Yes, it's about raise money to cover related expenses, like flying tickets, hotels, etc.

The main set of our concert will be played by Gary Moore's last blues line-up, Pete Rees on bass guitar, Vic Martin on keyboards and Steve Dixon on drums. The great German musician and guitar player Henrik Freischlader will join them, and Gary's brother Cliff Moore will be here, too. There will be local bands and guests as well, and some of Gary's friends also will joining us on this special evening. Former BBC radio DJ and one of Gary's closest friend Ian McDonald flying to Budapest from Ibiza to play an acoustic set together with famous Russian blues guitarist Sergei Voronov. His latest album featuring one of the last studio recordings of Gary, as he "gave" to Sergei this guitar solo to say thankyou for their friendship. Our dear friend Darren Main, Gary's personal assitant during the last twenty years also will be with us, and will bring with him his very talented son, Harrisen Larner-Main, who will join to the acoustic set. We are putting together a little photo/art exhibition as well from rare press and live photos and other interesting pieces. Tom Noll's beautiful work also will be displayed until we will send this amazing print to the winner of our auction. (Click here for more info about it)

I know that money is tight everywhere, but if you are able to donate any amount to support us, that would be a big help! What we can offer in return, that we will share the video recording of the concert with everybody who will support us with a donation.
We will record it with one camera for sure, but there is a good chance for a professional multi-camera recording,'s all depends on the budget we have.

Of course the best if you can join us at the concert, so if you will be able to travel to Budapest for this Memorial Concert, feel free to contact us and we will help you! We wanted to keep ticket prices low, to give the chance to attend to the possible most people. So it costs (in advance) 3500 HUF, which is around 10 gbp, 12 euro or 16 usd.

Thankyou for your time to read it! Looking forward to hear from you!
...and would like to thankyou for your support in advance!

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Zoltan Csillag